The Bare Essentials of Rendering with Nikos Nikolopoulos

September 23, 2015 Customer stories 2 Comments


We’re sure that many of you already know Nikos Nikolopoulos, who has been travelling around the world this past year sharing his Creative Lighting philosophy. Formerly a CGI Director at Cityscape Digital, Nikos now talks lighting, scene setup, photography, and creative artistic rendering. His approach can be applied to any sector and what we like most is not just the inspiration of his talks, but also the technical simplicity he applies to his work to create beautiful renders. Whether it’s an iPad or an interior scene with a story, his work has attitude – and so does he! Nikos is a Maxwell Render Xpert trainer and Maxwell forms part of his pipeline alongside 3ds Max. In the above images you can see his latest project made with Maxwell Multilight. You can also check out his Multilight tutorial including some of the new V3.2 features.

The Creative Lighting studio is located in hot and historically inspiring Athens, Greece, but Nikos is travelling more often than not. This year’s schedule has included Holland, the UK, Italy, USA, Spain and Mexico. Next stop – Academy Day #6 in Venice, Italy on 2nd-3rd October.

Apart from talking rendering and grabbing beers with more and more new friends, Nikos and his team offer online and onsite training. Using a very simple approach, they identify the main issues slowing down renders or blocking artistic visions and attack them with specific tips. Check out their Facebook page and get in touch to learn more.

This summer we were lucky enough to have Nikos in our office in Madrid, Spain, and we talked about everything – his artistic path and inspirations, the Creative Lighting Concept and what it has been like traveling and spreading his passion for rendering.  Check out what Nikos has to say about Creative Lighting and rendering in this recorded interview…