Superb Shoe CGI by Lessmoredesign

This week we are happy to share the story and work of Italian 3D artist Roberto Morelli (owner of Lessmoredesign). You can already find some of his projects in the Maxwell Gallery, and we hope to add more. We are fans ?


My name is Roberto Morelli, I’m 37 years old and I am from Marche, Italy. For 13 years now I have had my own 3D graphics studio that has given me so much satisfaction with its ups and downs. Everything started with the love I have always had for architecture in general, ever since high school and my university studies in Industrial Design at the Poliarte Accademia di Designof Ancona. The passion for drawing and studying detail naturally led me to create a whole working reality with the mission to give life through three-dimensional designs and prototypes that otherwise would be only ideas.

The 3D World

In 2004, I started to create 3D models and rendering for architectural studios, but I was never limited to a single industry. The desire to learn, led me to discover other areas where I could develop my work including photovoltaic and Renewable energies, plastic molding, construction, furnishing and, ultimately, fashion and footwear.

Shoes Shoes Shoes

I live in the country of footwear, yet it is a challenge to propose innovative design methods for this sector. My footwear projects are highly appreciated but difficult to implement at a time of global crisis. On the other hand, my goal is to make known the usability of 3D rendering and how it could be perfectly integrated with traditional production methods.





Work Process

Over the years, word of mouth among clients has been key to my success. Usually after a first telephone or mail contact, a first meeting is held to talk to the client and understand their needs. Then I develop custom solutions with relevant estimates. For that reason, I believe that the strength of my study has been the meticulousness with which I try to carry out the job assigned. In fact once an agreement has been reached, there is intense collaboration with the client (trial rendering, simulation of 3D environments, briefings, etc.) that usually leads to the project’s success.

Rendering with Maxwell

Maxwell has been my rendering tool since 2009, as I find it suits my needs as an artist.

Set-up of fast and flexible scenes, vast library of materials accessible to everyone, optimal quality, ease of use – all of these factors have made Maxwell my faithful “travel companion” in every job.

Starting with the real product, analyzing details of materials and constructive systems, through Maxwell, rendering is qualitatively realistic, especially when used with plugins for other 3D programs such as Cinema 4D and Rhinoceros.

If I have to point out my keys for success these would without a doubt be: passion for what I do, continuous learning for improvement, use of an excellent rendering tool and experimentation of new techniques.

If you would like to see more of Roberto´s beautiful CG work, check out his web and Facebook page. Do you want to be our Artist of the Month? Drop us a comment with your portfolio and Maxwell projects 🙂

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