Rob Redman on his projects, tools and favorite events

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rob avatar hatIf you are following our blog then you may have seen this year’s FMX presentation by Maxwell #Xpert Trainer Rob Redman in which he showed us his workflow with Maxwell and Cinema 4D.  As a follow up we interviewed Rob to find out a bit more about what he gets up to!

With his expertise across film, TV and print, for everyone from governments to rock stars, as well as his experience as technical editor at 3D World Magazine, Rob certainly has a lot to share. In the following interview clips he talks about his favorite events that inspire him, the tools that he uses and why, the courses he teaches with Maxwell and RealFlow at Image Ireland and his awesome (upcoming) projects.

If you have any questions or are interested in training, you can get in touch with him directly. Thank you Rob, it’s all yours….

Introduction – Getting to know Rob Redman of Pariah Studios

I recently started a new website, which is called and I am doing that with a long-time friend and collaborator Mike Griggs. RGBHQ is something that we always wanted to see on other CG and digital art technology blogs. So we are going to cater not just for CG artists, not just for photographers, not just for film makers. It is going to be for everybody who is digitally creative.


Tools of the Trade

I used Maxwell without really realizing what I was getting into.  From there I was blown away by the quality of it, so that’s why I use it in almost all my work now.


Maxwell in Education

In fact it only takes a morning to get people up and running with materials, lighting and rendering and using some of those fantastic SimuLens things you can do… I like seeing the faces of the students when you show them Multilight, especially when you turn on the color ability as well as the intensity.


Visualization Projects with Maxwell

A big project I used Maxwell for was some work for the government of Qatar, which was laying out a big section of a seafront city. I had to build the whole thing and render it and that was all done in Maxwell and Cinema 4D. I used some of the RealFlow ocean for some of the water as well.

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